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Documenting the Past

It occurs to me, somewhat belatedly, that I really need to learn to take pictures of the things I made BEFORE I give them away. There’s nothing so awkward as telling a friend that I need their presents back because I need to take pictures. It gets more difficult when these friends are in other states. To date, I’ve knitted and crocheted many little objects, some of them from patterns, some from my own modified patterns, and others completely made up as I went along.

Incidentally, this January marks the one year anniversary of me learning how to knit and a year and a half of crochet. It’s been a very busy year.

Things I’ve crocheted:

  • One crocheted black nylon scarf for my mother, using single crochet and Moda Dea Aerie yarn. God that was expensive.
  • Three small satchel bags for holding dice, using a heavily modified beach bag pattern (pattern has since been lost, but really, I was only following it in the loosest possible sense, for remembering how to make the fancy top just above the drawstring holes).
  • Other random stuff, nothing very exciting.
  • One very fuzzy scarf for my brother, using a simple repeat of a triple crochet row separated by five single crochet rows. It was light, airy, windproof, and easy to fold up to stuff in an empty pocket. He said thank you and never wore it. Because, you know, scarves are gay apparently. Oh well.

Things I’ve knitted:

  • Dr. Who scarf, season fifteen in all its 20 some long feet of glory. The pattern at doctorwhoscarf.com originally called for a size five needle. That was the first scarf, weighing in at about 5 feet. Ick. I switched up a few sizes, ended up making it just a little too wide and maybe a little too long, but I got the desired 20 feet. I’ve since noticed that the pattern I used is the only one that calls for such small needles. Very puzzling. This was a six month ordeal that I never intend to repeat, but if anyone wants some of my Nature Spun sport weight yarn, I got plenty left in all the wrong colors.
  • One Coronet hat, courtesy of Knitty.com
  • About 20 Jayne Hats (not an exaggeration), using some mishmash of my own generic hat pattern and some tips from other fellow Firefly fans.
  • One French Market bag, also courtesy of Knitty.com, came out just a weeeee bit smaller than I expected. I kinda forgot to check on the felting as it went along.
  • One roll brim hat, courtesy of the Crazy Math that Crazy Aunt Purl taught me.
  • One World’s Warmest Hat, from Dove Knits. It reads like an experiment in double knitting with cables, only not at the same time (the second, cabled layer, is begun by picking up the stitches on the brim of the first layer). As a special bonus, I actually had the exact same yarn and sure enough, it came out remarkably the same.
  • One pair of Tweedy Mittens from kpixie.com. I have mixed feelings on this pattern. The gauge they gave me resulted in a pair of very very small mittens. After moving up to a size 8 needle (with 2 previous attempts), I felt they were close enough and stopped. If I make another pair, I’m going to lengthen the cuff by at least half an inch, lengthen the cap by several rows, and play around with the thumb length. What? You think I should start over with a different pattern? Nonsense. I knit this with Berroco Ultra Alpaca and it came out beautifully, just, you know, really small!
  • One Lattice Scarf, using a simple stitch pattern from Tea and Cakes.
  • One small satchel like tote bag, about 10 inches square, my own invention. Let’s call it Angela’s Bag for now, since I made it for my friend Angela. I’ve written up what I THINK is the pattern, but I’ll need to test it first. Of course, this pattern I wrote up is trying to avoid a few of the problems I ran into with the first bag. Like the nasty stitch jog when I picked up the stitches a few inches up to create an inner pocket. I apparently thought it would save time to pick up those stitches WHILE I WAS STILL KNITTING THE BACK PANEL. All it did was give me two more needles to worry about. And a noticeable line because I apparently am incapable of seaming my stitches invisibly.
  • One double knit headband with my own geometric design. It was supposed to be a hat, but I really really really wanted my size 11 circular needles back. I’ll get back to this one and do it right next time. I might have to buy a second size 11 needle to do it with.
  • Two Irish Hiking Headbands, made with Berroco Ultra Alpaca (probably a little too lightweight for this pattern). I even corrected the pattern for the author, but not before I made a mess and stared at it helplessly for a good couple of minutes until my brain kicked back on. I’ll either double up or pick something bulkier next time. I swear I’m going to graft the next one properly and maybe document the process. Grafting with ribbing isn’t really that terrible, but that doesn’t stop me from bungling it once in a while.
  • One random garter stitch scarf using ribbon yarn for my friend Katie. That stuff sticks to the callouses on my hands, not fun. I need to remember to start using some hand moisturizer if I want to play with ribbon yarn again. Particularly in winter.

In Progress:

  • One sock done, one to go, from the booklet Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles. It didn’t soar fast enough to keep my fickle attention span, but that’s ok! I will finish the second sock if it kills me. Which it might.
  • One and a half Knucks, courtesy of Knitty.com (I just adore some of their patterns, you know?) After making a pair for me, I intend to make a second pair for my mother, pick up some stitches on the back, and create a mitten cap. Mmm, convertible mittens.
  • One scarf with a stitch pattern yoinked from Sheep in the City. I’m using it with my mystery yarn, the silk stuff I picked up in Centre Hall.
  • One Fun Fur roll brim hat (my mother wanted a silly hat, and she picked out the yarn herself. I mean, really, fire engine red fun fur? On a hat? What?)

I swear I’m not an addict. I can give up knitting at any time! I do need to find a way to get in some time on the sewing machine in all this. I have a costume to make, maybe two, and some stuffed toys to sell at Setsucon. Did you know I’m only the second registration they got? I hope they got some more people by now, as it’s coming up soon. If you’re in State College, stop by the State College Days Inn on the 27th. It’s cheap, only $15 at the door.

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