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I’m Living in the Future

I just had to have it. A solar powered keyboard. I know what you’re thinking, but it can charge itself off indoor lighting. It’s called the Logitech K750 and it is officially rocking my world right now. It’s 2.4ghz wireless. It’s the thinnest keyboard I have ever owned. Did I mention it’s wireless?


It’s the perfect fit for my shiny new Windows 7 multimedia PC.

But getting back to the multimedia PC… Just about every computer geek out there keeps some spare computer parts around the place. Sometimes we’ll even scavenge enough parts to build a spare computer, a slightly creakier computer than whatever it is we’re running, because let’s face it, if the parts were any good, they’d be in your main machine already. I had the usual oddball assortment, nothing at all current, and most of it unsuitable for a multimedia PC. That’s where my dad comes in.

See, my dad is trying to attain homebrew DVR nirvana. He’s gone through about five completely separate iterations and is currently bogged down in hard drive death hell trying to get Windows 7 Media Center up and running. He’s really determined this time, too, since he actually bought two XBOX 360’s to make it happen. It can attempt and fail to record four shows at once with record speed. The craziest part is that he already owns a Tivo, and if all he wanted was HD support, he could have bought three Tivo HDs by now. Reinstalling Windows 7 is my dad’s latest hobby apparently. So when I mention to him casually that it would be nice to have a multimedia PC again (my friend Isaac let me use his when we were roommates), it’s no surprise that he gets very excited. He tells me that he should have some spare parts we can use. I think, OK, I have some parts already, so I probably only need a few more things and I’m set.

As it turned out, my dad had enough spare computer parts sitting around his workroom that I was able to build an entire computer from scratch. And it’s faster than my current computer.

So here’s to you, Dad, and your crazy DVR dreams (but seriously, next time just buy a TIVO HD).

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