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Mmmm, Productivity

Recently, I’ve found this wonderful headband pattern and have been churning them out (well, ok, I made two so far, one for a Christmas party gift trade thing and perhaps two others as gifts for my cousins who better not be reading my blog right now). The pattern is called “Irish Hiking Headband”, and you can find the pattern at Isabelle’s site. She’s also responsible for an Irish Hiking Scarf [pdf] pattern, which is equally lovely, but not quite as fast to make.

I have also been hard at work on a scarf for once, the second since my self-imposed 6-month hiatus (after the Dr. Who scarf, that is). I told myself when I cast on that I’d keep it for myself, but there are too many ways this could leave my hands and end up in someone else’s.

Update: I found the pattern, and it’s at Sheep in the City. I will keep the directions up for my own reference, as I’ll want a copy if her website vanishes for some reason! The pattern is a repeat of two rows.

First row: k1 *slip one, k1, psso and knit into the back of the passed over stitch right before dropping it off the left needle* [rep 14 times] k1.

Second row: *p2tog, but purl additionally into the rightmost stitch before dropping the (now two) stitches off the left needle* [rep 15 times].

I’m using a multicolored mystery yarn that I found (unlabeled) at the Knitter’s Underground in Centre Hall, PA. I will take a few pictures when I have access to better lighting and post them. I think it’s a silk or cotton blend, and it annoys me that I can’t tell.

Actually, I guess that leads me to my next point, my apparent wool allergy. I can knit with wool just fine. I can even knit with alpacca, mohair, and many other troublemakers in the wool and natural fiber family. The problem is that I can’t wear most of them against my skin. I mean, I knew I was sensitive to at least some forms of wool, but I never associated the horrible creeping itching sensation with an actual allergy! I guess I never really noticed it until now because I’ve only made small things or items with little skin contact, like scarves and hats and mittens. The hard part that I have to figure out now is to determine what exactly sets my allergy off. Someone made the suggestion of buying small quantities of different fibers and knitting bracelets to see which ones set off the itchiness (and the rash).

Happily, my Patons Merino wool has not caused me any trouble (yet). This makes me happy, since I enjoy knitting with it so!

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  1. Secret Pal Says:

    Oh NO!!!! Not a wool allergy. That is the worst thing a knitter can hear EVER! Seriously. That isn’t good at all. Well, now I know what NOT to get you. Have a great weekend.

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